$97.00 USD


Get the most out of this workshop and the opportunity for LIVE Hot Seat Coaching.

You will get your accurate Enneagram type with my in-depth assessment and will include a detailed, comprehensive guide to how your enneagram type is designed to lead, make decisions, communicate, cultivate relationships, and break through obstacles unique to you.

Navigating Next Year & Setting Yourself Up For Success By Enneagram Type Workshop

Leveraging Your Enneagram Type for Success in the Coming Year


Here is what you will learn during this LIVE Virtual Workshop:

  • Comprehensive breakdown of the 9 Enneagram Types - including characteristics, strengths and growth areas and where you might get tripped up moving into next year
  • In-depth exploration of Enneagram wings, subtypes and tritypes to give you a deeper understanding of your unique personality
  • A look into The Centers of Intelligence specific to each enneagram type - when you understand this you will know what motivates you
  • Your enneagram type and how you can navigate next year & find success when it comes to your communication style and how you react during growth or stress seasons
  • How to stop cycles that are no longer serving you where you are and what you need to carry forward into next year
  • Practical exercises and self-reflection activities to apply the Enneagram concepts directly to your life moving into the new year
  • Insights from Tracy, the enneagram expert, who will guide you through the intricacies of this powerful tool
  • Opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their journey of personal growth

When you know and understand your Enneagram type, you gain a powerful tool for self-awareness, personal growth, and enriching your relationships and interactions with others. Let’s make next year your clearest and most successful year yet.